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What Will My Services Include?:

My services for your special Ceremony will include the following:

  • Meetings discuss the format of your required ceremony
  • A final meeting approx 1 week before the date, to complete last minute paperwork and to finalise all arrangements
  • Provision of a table and tablecloths, if required
  • Travel within a reasonable distance - (excess kms fee will be discussed and agreed upon at an initial meeting)
  • PA System if required

I am available to discuss anything you wish regarding your ceremony, or to answer any questions you may have, via email or phone.  

As well, once booked and a small deposit is paid, I do not make any other bookings for the day - so that I am available to you all day - I will not have another ceremony to rush off too.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - an exciting time in a couples life.

As well as the above, my services will include:

  • Assistance in the completion of your Notice of Intended Marriage - (a legal requirement that must be completed no later than 1 month before your wedding and is valid for 18 months)
  • Provide Samples of wedding vows and exchange of ring vows - or assistance (if required) in designing your own vows
  • A beautiful Wedding Ceremony designed and tailored to your wishes
  • Provision of a table with tablecloths, with two chairs for the signing of the register and certificates

  • Processing and mailing all legal paperwork to Births Deaths and Marriages, including electronic registration- which will enable faster processing of your marriage certificate.
  • If ceremony is local, attendance for any rehearsals

As a Celebrant, my wish is to provide for you ceremony that is just the way YOU want, not the way I want - I am happy to take on board any of your ideas and incorporate these into your ceremony - after all, it is your wedding day, not mine.


A Naming Day Ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge the addition of a new child into a family.

It can also be a day for parents to publicly declare to family and friends the pride and joy they feel for an older child.

This is a day for acknowledging those in a child's life who have important roles to play, those of grandparents, godparents and mentors and such.

Certificates for the child, Godparents, and Grandparents (if desired) are included

Renewal of Vows

Renewing wedding vows can be done for a variety of reasons - 

- to celebrate an anniversary

- to celebrate the evolution and growth of your relationshiop

- to celebrate the life you have shared together with family and freinds, sharing those special moments that mean the most

- to signify the ongoing love you have for each other after a long illness, infidelity or time of significant stress 

It can be a meaningful, touching, revitalising ceremony for you, your children, family and friends.

It can be a time to reflect on the past and to reaffirm your commitment as you face your tomorrows together

A Renewal of Vows certificate is included

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony does not include any legal paperwork - it is a bond between two people who wish to celebrate their love.

There may be many reasons why a couple do not wish to have a legal wedding ceremony but still wish to acknowledge their relationship with a Commitment Ceremony.

It can be shared with family and friends, to signify the deep and meaningful relationship of two people in love.

It is an opportunity to publicly express your joy and love for each other with a ceremony specially prepared that may incorporate vows and rings

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